Rose Watch Co. 18k White gold Original Case and Movement RUNS!!!!!!!!

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This is one amazing watch we have here for your consideration. If you know anything about Tag Heuer then you might not know that this is the watch that was before Tag Heuer.

In April 1912 Heuer was renamed “Heuer & co., Rose Watch co.” Charles-Auguste and Jules-Edouard at the urging of their American partner decided to use the trade name “ROSE WATCH COMPANY” on all watch movements imported into the USA. Due to high customs tariff on complete Swiss watches during this time period, Heuer would send a complete movement without a case. The movement was then installed in a US-made case. In 1922, after ten years, Heuer stopped using the “Rose”-name. So from 1912-1922, all Heuer watches sold in USA was signed “Rose W. Co.”. A full range of pocket, men’s, ladies watches and chronographs was marketed.

This watch needs nothing it just had a full servicing and runs like a top. The movement is  15 Jewels and 3 Adjustments. The crystal has been replaced with a new shinny one. The only problem that I can see with the watch is the case hinge is broken and the case is worn through near the stem. I have tried to show all defects in the pictures. Other then this it is all original and working fine.


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